The worst evil you could imagine happens on earth today in secret. It is a terrible fact not many are willing to believe. There are no words dark enough to depict the extent of horror and insanity that it is. The minds of those who willingly do this are unfathomable but they are real and at work right now. They are the most depraved murderers.  Much has been done in the media to hide this from the majority of people.  It is not just a myth. The Satanic Panic was based in reality. 

     The reality that satanic cults actually are involved in the abuse and murder of children, animals and some adults is a truth that is turned away from by most people. There are reasons why these events are dismissed. Many people think that we are referring to those who belong to the modern sub-culture i.e. the atheists who openly dress in a Gothic or punk rock style and view themselves as their own God. These openly self-proclaimed satanists are not the kinds of people we're referring to at all. They are generally not criminals or part of a cult..


 The Satanists who take part in ritual abuse  succeed in appearing as good and friendly people.

   The term Satanic ritual abuse refers to something very specific..  One important thing to remember is

Satanic ritual abuse almost always involves child Trafficking but child trafficking isn't always satanic ritual abuse

  The reasons why these cults do such unbelievable things to children is hard to understand. Essentially, they are vampires; feeding off of the human population. When they sacrifice a child to their worshiped entity, they believe it gives them power and grants them a wish. They believe they can absorb the life-force of that child. It's the epitome of selfishness.

   When one first googles this topic, they are bombarded with articles and pages claiming that Satanic Ritual Abuse is a hoax and a myth, that it was a mass hysteria in the early 80's and 90's  based on false memories implanted by a recovered memory therapy technique. Many articles will tell you

that there is evidence lacking for  these Satanic Ritual Abuse allegations. However not only  has that recovered-memory therapy technique been obsolete since the 90's, but many survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse have never received that kind of therapy, especially those who are currently in their twenties. There has also been plenty of evidence to substantiate these claims. The problem is that authorities avoid investigation at all costs, short of a confession. Which, a confession

has been the cause of publication in multiple cases of these crimes. June 5 2018.




Thomas Dunn director of Detestable Documentary talking about Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Former worker of Bohemian Grove speaks out about the club and its members

Eye Witness Anthony J Hilder speaks about Murder at Bohemian Grove 

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